Canada! You did it! oh man really, wow, good on you! Our hats are tipped to you, thank you for recognizing nationally that we humans need this plant in our daily lives.

I actually live in Washington 5 minutes from the Canadian border. The first thing i notice when crossing the border is …greenhouses everywhere, lots and lots and lot and lots of them. serious its a crazy scene to us from the states. Most of our vegetables are produced in the central valley of California where it is warm most of the year. Well for Canada the warmest place they have is north of our coldest(enter grin teeth emoji)

I bring this up to say regenerative is not the same for everyone we all live in different places. it wouldn’t be very regenerative of Canada to give up on food and plant production just because its colder up there than it is in central Cali. Truth it actually takes more money and fuel to grow outdoor lettuce in Cali and ship it to the mid west, than it would be to grow indoor lettuce under lights in the mid west.

The goal is to grow organically and to become regenerative. With this all in mind our focus and tool belt will be a little different than it would be for the warm hills of California. Its gonna look a little different but will be just as regenerative and just as conscious of the resources used. Maybe even more so.

We are so very stoked to come to Vancouver, BC and be a small part in sharing the regenerative work! Hope to see you there!

We will be at the Pinnacle hotel 1133 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6E 3T3

here is a link to get discount hotels at pinnacle.