in Ann Arbor, Michigan


So many of you have been asking so here we go!

Due to overwhelming enthusiasm, over our last events. We are very excited to offer live streaming tickets for our Ann Arbor, Michigan conference March 22-24.

We have hired a professional film crew that specializes in live stream video production. The quality of the video and audio will be top notch. We are only offering this for live stream. This means you will need to be present with us during the conference. You will not be given access to a recorded version. That being said our events are interactive and we will create an opportunity for you to get some of your questions answered by the speakers via a live chat that will be moderated.

All of our event will be live streamed with exception of Suzanne Wainwright-Evens talk on Saturday Morning.

The schedule for Ann Arbor is posted, and will have the whole crew available for this event including Josh and Kelly from Dragonfly Earth Medicine. The only speaker we can't broadcast is Suzanne Wainwright-Evens. Her talk includes sensitive information that is best kept off the web. We will be live streaming the evening sessions.

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