January 31, February 1, 2 2020


This year we are going deeper down the rabbit hole, as Leighton always says. Last years mission number one was to reach as many people as possible, and get out the truth, the science of the matter. Sub mission of mine was to get all these speakers together and form a band. Bands take on a being of their own, and I wanted to see what good would come from getting Chris, Elaine, Leighton, Kevin, Suzanne, Steve, Josh & Kelly, and all the other wonderful folks we had along the way. It took us an entire tour, but what came out was a deeper understanding of nature. I take it as my mission to ask the controversial questions and let the experts duke it out. Boy was I impressed. I think we are really getting somewhere.

So here we go for year three. Please join us, as bring a different, and deeper perspective on the science of regenerative cannabis cultivation.

Day 1 Elaine Ingham will take us into the microscopic kingdom of the soil food web. She has new data to present on F:B ratios and if you don’t know what I mean by that.. its ok we will crash course you. Next up Chip Osborne of Osborne organics, he will take us into the world of soil chemistry and let me just say, whoa! In the afternoon is Leighton Morrison of Kingdom Aquaponics and co founder of this conference, he will go deep into soil biology, structure and building.

Day 2 The first part of the day will be filled with IPM talk with the Bug Lady Suzanne Wainwright-Evans. Every time I get to talk with her she is presenting new data on cannabis pest, and control with beneficial insects. She is absolutely amazing and I’m quite positive you will have your tin hat blown right off. In the afternoon KNF Master Chris Trump of Natural Farming co, will teach us all about IMO. You think you know…. We will next have Kelly and Josh of Dragonfly Earth Medicine talk to us about all the advancements they are making with regenerative cultivation, breeding, the DEM Pure collective, and so much more. It is absolutely crazy how the DEM Pure collective and farmers have been unifying this year.

The Evening Session will be a Q&A with all the speakers. We have done this before and its a lot of fun and we can go down many rabbit holes.

Day 3 Will be all about Genetics with Kevin Jodrey. We so much appreaciat the wisdom uncle Kev drops when every the gets the mic.

This year we will have Kevin talk with Breeders who are apart of starting the Regenerative Seed Savers Exchange. A new project for us all with some very big implications. We aren’t scared of Phylos Walmart weed. We will preserve the genetic history and share it openly. A portion of this day will be dedicated to talking about it.

We will have Breeder booths available so you can meet them and find out what they are working on.

Don't forget about the SUNDAY SEED SWAP! Bring what ya got and get what ya want!

Location TBA