Humboldt we love you deeply! So very stoked to come back and hang with you all. You have been the real back bone behind american cannabis for decades and we honor your sacrifice. Thank you for growing and exporting under the watchful eye of the law so we all can learn and live with this magnificent plant. Now that legalization has hit the struggle has changed from hiding from johnny law to working with him. Honestly it sure seemed like it was a lot easier to hide. All though we are grateful for legalization it comes with a cost. Our goal for this years conference is not only to educate about organic regenerative practices but to also help. We come to help however we can. We have a few to be announced ideas. Hopefully we can organize some cost only compost tea brewers, and sprayers. Beyond education and community we hope to bring it full circle.

If you don’t know from personal experience about the magic of the emerald triangle I highly suggest you make this conference the one you go to. My first trip was last spring for our conference and my mind was opened. I’ve never been in a community that so kindly upheld the love of earth, humanity and cannabis. In our Humboldt event you will have the opportunity to tour organic regenerative cannabis farms that have been operating for decades. Spend time with and make connections to the locals that have been doing the work, and have more hacks than you can imagine. We will offer a seed swap and auction on one of the nights. Genetics will be available if that is your need. So come prepared to receive a serious upgrade to your regenerative tools belt. The true OG’s of organic cannabis live humbly in these hills and they have open hearts and open tech. Can’t wait to see you there.

We will be at beginnings inc, 5 Cemetery Rd, Redway, CA 95560