Aquaponics uses 90% less water than conventional farming, it also produces 4x the yield per are of conventional farming.  Aquaponics uses very little energy compared to conventional greenhouse technology.  The energy used can be offset by clean on farm generated energy.  It truly is a tool in the tool box for the regenerative farmer.

If you at all have any interest in or are currently growing Aquaponic cannabis or commercial vegetable production you will not want to miss this.  I’m so very excited to offer this course.  If something like this only existed 10 years ago, I would have saved a lot of money and time.  

If you have experienced growing cannabis in high nutrient requirement crops such as cannabis you most likely know about the dual root zone technique.  Utilizing both the soil and the aquatic food webs Aquaponicly grown cannabis has a lot more to offer in terms of nutrient type, and density.  The results are double the growth rate of soil, increased yields and of course increased terpenes. 

With that in mind a grower must first understand the kingdoms both soil and aquatic.  You will need a microscope and you will need to learn to use it to identify these microorganisms.  Since we have these beneficial organisms and fish that need to stay alive; you’re gonna need an IPM strategy that is based on beneficial insects not pesticides that kill microbes and fish.  Also know that fish waste does not provide 100% of the nutrients that plants needs.  So you re gonna need to add a few things.  

This is a VERY in-depth course on advanced aquapoics and agriculture.  First of its kind. 

Day 1-3 We we will start with three days with Dr. Elaine Ingham.  The first day will be all about the soil food web who the players are how they play, and how we can help them function.  Day 2-3 will be spent in front of the microscope.  Dr. Ingham will start with the basics and teach us how to identify and quantify microorganism.  For those whom do not own a microscope you can purchase one through us, we think this model is affordable and we know it will do all of what you need to do. 

Day 4 will be all about biostimulants.  If you don’t know you will know an Aquaponic system can’t provide all the nutrients required to grow cannabis.  We need to add a few biostimulanys and minerals to make the whole thing go off.  So we will have half a day with Dr. Robert Faust the founder of Bio Ag.  Dr. Faust is on the forefront of humic and fulvic acid research and product development.  He has a strong passion for living organic soils.  

Day 5 will be a day devoted to IPM(integrated pest management) with beneficial insects.  If you don’t know who Suzanne Wainwright-Evans is then you should.  She is more than an expert in her field.  She will teach us about what common cannabis pest are how to control them; where and who to buy them from.  Chances are you are paying to much for the wrong bugs.  Suzanne doesn’t sell insects she only consults on there use for controlling pest.  This day will literally save you thousands of dollars a year.  

The second half of the day will be with Chris Trump.  Chris is a Korean natural farming master.  He studies with master Cho.  He converted his conventional 800 acre family nut farm in Hawaii to a living soil Korean natural farm.  He most likely knows more acronyms than any other speaker.  

Class will be 9-5 and we will provide Lunch, coffee and tea. 

Registration starts monday at 8.30am


We will have three evening sessions.

*One evening session will be a tour with Q&A of              Ouroboros Farm with owner Ken Armstrong

*One night we will go deep into cannabis and Aquaponics with Steve Raisner

*Third night and speaker TBA